Why You Should Cycle Today, Reason 1

Since this is the first day of “Bicycle to Work Week” I thought I would start out with a reason why you should get on a bike today. Even if you don’t use it to get to work. I know riding to work is not a viable option for everyone, though I believe it is more viable than many people realize. Those who could, should, those that can’t, it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t do you good to get out and ride.

So here it goes.

Reason 1; Slim down. When you get on a bike the wheels aren’t the only large round things on the bike. If you are reading this you are probably American and if statistics (or looking around) are any indicator, chances are you probably got some weight to lose, maybe a lot. A full two thirds of American adults are overweigh and half of them are obese according to CDC numbers. With that extra weight comes heart disease, diabetes and a host of other chronic conditions that not only negatively impact your own quality of life but drive up health care costs for the country as a whole. Besides all that extra weight you are packing around causes you to use more gas (however little) when you drive.

There are a couple of examples of people losing loads of weight cycling, this chap lost 26 stone Here and this guy lost 320 pounds Here.

Actually “Reason 1″ should be RIDING A BIKE IS FUN! Or had you forgotten? When is the last time you saw an unhappy kid on bike (excluding the little kids with a skinned knee and all those angst ridden teens)?

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  1. I’ve recently started the journey to physical fitness, and cycling will be one of my methods. I’m gunning for riding a century or two in 2012. Thanks for the great advice!

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